🔥 Convert Time Zones in Your Browser Address Bar

Jonathan Braat
Jonathan Braat
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⚡ The fastest way to convert time zones yet ⚡

Time zone conversion can be a pain. Convert PST to EST, EST to London, PST to Singapore, you name it. What if I told you there is a simple and quick way to convert any time zone right from your browser search bar in a few seconds?

Not only will I show you how to convert time zones in a blink, but also search by city with over 185.000 places supported. To do this, we will be using ChronoShift.io. As a bonus we will be changing the browser shortcut to make it even easier for you to convert time zones (optional).

Continue reading to learn how!

💻 Set it up

Super simple: just visit ChronoShift.io.

After visiting ChronoShift.io your browser will already have done the heavy lifting and added the quick search to your address bar. This is because we added some special sauce to the site, to make it as easy as possible to convert time zones.

⚡ Try it

Now you can simply convert time zones by following these steps:

  1. Type ChronoShift
  2. Press the Spacebar or Tab key
  3. Type time zone/city to time zone/city like so: PST to EST or London to Berlin or EST to GMT Sydney to NZDT etc.
  4. Press the Enter key

If you need to convert more than 2 time zones or places, instead of point 3 above just type time zones or cities seperated by commas like so: PST, EST, Berlin, Singapore.

🚀 Pimp it

If you followed the steps above, you are already set. Nothing more to be done. Everything is fully functional.

BUT if you are like me, you care about productivity. Here is a special trick for Google Chrome to make it even easier to convert the time zones in your address bar by setting a shortcut key for the ChronoShift quick search.

That way, you will only need to type your Shortcut plus the Spacebar/Tab key and can instantly convert time zones.

  1. In your Google Chrome Browser press the 3 dots (in the top right) and select Settings
  2. On the left panel click Search engine and collapse Manage Search Engines in the main window
  3. Search for ChronoShift
  4. Press the three dots for ChronoShift and click edit
  5. Now you can enter a Keyword to type in place of ChronoShift. I have chosen z for zones. It's just one letter and quickly typed, but you can choose whatever you want.

That's it. You are done and can now convert time zones with a convenient shortcut right from your browsers address bar. I haven't tested the shortcut with Firefox or Safari, but the general idea is the same and should work just as well.

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