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The easiest way to convert timezones

Learn how to convert timezones in seconds.

Timezone Conversion

Convert timezones at a glance with these short steps

Add your own location with one click (optional)

By clicking on the location marker next to the search input you can quickly add the closest city to your location to the timezone converter.

Add more places with the search box

Search for countries, cities or timezones (e.g. PST or EST), to add more locations to the converter. We support over 185.000 places and over 200 timezones.

Compare times at a glance

Easily compare the added timezones in the beautifully designed timezone converter.

Create Calendar Event

Comfortably create calendar events for your selected meeting time frame with these 3 easy steps

Click or touch the timeline

Click on the converter to change to the scheduler view.

Adjust the meeting time frame

Drag the handles left or right, to adjust your event time frame.

Add meeting to your calendar

Click on one of the icons to create a calendar event for your Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Office365 calendar.